Analysis of Existing Products

Project Draft Title – Interactive Video/Online Experience

My research and inspiration was drawn from…

    • The Wilderness Downtown –  An interactive music video for Arcade Fire’s – “We used to wait”, which engages the viewer with their inner child and uses the words in the song to get an emotive response from thinking back to past memories of home and childhood
    • Take This Lollipop – a real representation of the online “Facebook stalker”. Uses the viewers personal information incorporated into a well filmed video whereby the viewer is led to believe that this crazy person is stalking them. This Artificial Reality Game online is particularly clever in how it is coded to give the viewer a unique and individual experience.

Has led to my idea which is…

    • To create an interactive video, engaging with the viewer through incorporating their personal information to make every viewers experience unique
    • To demonstrate something to gain an emotional response – perhaps to:
      • emphasise our increasing dependence on social media
      • Show our “online identity” as if it were an alter ego coming to life and talking back to them
      • To engage with Social media users and bring their fears to life – what happened if they were hacked? Or got caught ‘stalking’ some one inappropriate?
      • Some how demonstrate how protective we are of the online persona we create

My target user group would be…

    • Students ages 16-24
    • Students will watch anything to waste time and not do any work
    • Most active user group
    • Spend a lot of time on social media
    • This age category has grown up with social media – they have the strongest dependence on it


The way I am going to engage my user group during development is…

  • Discussion groups about why they engage with social media
  • Questionnaires
  • Reading articles and blog posts about the power of social media

Sound is important in my project because…

  • Music used in the video will be important to gain the correct emotional response, to create the mise-en-scene and to connect with the viewer. If there are lyrics in a song used, what are they saying and how is it relevant?

The main risks I see are…

  • Purpose. Apart from being a short interactive video there is no real content? (Connected to a website?)
  • Would people “get it”
  • Platform – would it run from a mobile or only be available from a computer
  • Could it be spread using Twitter/YouTube/Vimeo, or just Facebook because it needs the personal details?


The skills I have are…

  • Marketing/advertising
  • Design
  • PR
  • Creating/launching a campaign – generating a buzz
  • Media Theory – interested in the sociological and psychological issue regarding the growing dependence on social media

The skills I will have to develop further during the project are…

  • HTML and CSS to create a website to full fill the needs
  • Facebook App – intergrating the viewers personal information to give a more responsive experience?
  • Intergration of Google Maps, Street View – allowing the user to have a personalised experience (putting in their home address or place of interest)

The skills/jobs I will need to bring in are…

  • Coding help to get everything to run together
  • Actors/Actresses
  • Script Writer?

My target for next week is…

  • Constructing Narratives (multiple endings to a fixed narrative, single fixed narrative)
  • Film
  • Why will people engage?
  • How to take the viewer on a journey



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