Production Analysis: Idea Generation

Since our seminar last Tuesday I have gone away and done a week of researching potential project ideas. I have made some steps closer to what I want to do, however I am still struggling a great deal…
So far I have narrowed my thought processes down to:
1. Creating a artificial reality game that would involve player/user/viewer participation to navigate the direction of a story. By using blogs, video, maps, photographs to delivery clues to the audience.
2. Social Online Installation. Creating some sort of hosting library of images to record the processes of a social experiment or area of social interest –  again relying on user generated content.

3.  I really appreciate art in the real world, and would love to produce something that would celebrate it.  ( , , ) . My research has concluded that a handwritten note, a scribbled drawing, a little sketch or letter, has more meaning than an email or tweet. So perhaps something to showcase our old-school creativity with pen paper. The idea of “book crossing” (where someone leaves a book in a public place with a message inside to read the book and upload their thoughts online and to pass it on) but with a sketchbook was also an idea, as this would make the tracked journey of the book more interesting (a living/physical network in the real world recorded online). The images would then create like an online doodle book, with uploaded pictures taken of peoples sketches, for people to view freely at their leisure in the hope to come across something profound/inspiring.

Why do people engage so intently with social media?

The psychology behind why social networking and social media is so powerful and is something of real interest to me, and after participating in discussion groups this week it has fascinated me listening to the reasons why people engage with this “real” constructed reality online. I would quite like to focus on one specific thing and display it in a way to make people think about what technology has done to us. This idea is something I am not sure truly qualifies as a graduate project? However I did find a Project brief template in which I think justifies that it could be. This idea could explore the idea of the “selfie” craze, or engage with whether people would be more honest about something if it were to be anonymous, or was to have a short, restricted amount of air time (such as the Snapchat app phenomenon)
My biggest problem is that any ideas I come up with lack incentive for the user to engage with it?
I am very aware that time is running away with me, but pinning down a specific path to take is proving very difficult…

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