Production Analysis: Idea Synopsis 1

“I didn’t do it!”

Interactive, immersive short video experience demonstrating our emotional attachment to our online profiles. By retrieving the viewers personal details via their Facebook log in, each experience will be unique to the user. The single fixed narrative video will include their Facebook profile taking on a life of its own and aim to achieve an emotional response. By using cleverly scripted video animation, the web application will convince the viewer that a status or post will be written on their behalf, an extreme amount of ‘likes’ will be awarded or taken away from one of their recent pictures, friends may be removed or added and just that general mayham is being cause on their profile in real time. The idea is to make the viewer feel uncomfortable because they cannot control or stop what is happening in front of them. The video is interactive in that it puts the viewer into the narrative itself, and makes them think about how what they are putting on their Facebook or other peoples Facebooks could be affecting themselves and others. The moral of the story is to be careful with what and how you portray your identity online and to be aware of the safety of your profile.


“The Hashtag Life” 

The initial Pitch Idea was to carry out a fictional story distributed via online characters telling their section of the story on their personal profile page, either on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube or WordPress blog. It would require an audience to follow every characters social media outlet in order to follow the next part of the story.


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