Production Analysis: Idea Synopsis 2


A transmedia, fictional narrative constructed and told online via popular social networks. A series running in real time following the lives of 5 friends purely through the creation of content distributed across fake Facebook, Twitter and Blog account. The stories of the 5 characters will be interlinked in someway with each cast member being responsible for releasing the next part of the story through a certain type of media. The ‘hub’ for the centre of the story will be hosted on what the viewer will believe to be one of the characters personal blogs.

In order for the online soap opera to achieve momentum and purpose, an element of audience participation will be required in that the audience must add the characters as “friends” online and follow them on Twitter. The audience are able to contact the characters as they see fit.

The script will include the 5 individuals journey through life and the circumstances in which their naïve behaviour online has come to play a part. For example, Andy, our loud and boisterous funny man fails to secure his dream job after an inappropriate picture is made public online and Lucy, our quiet and reserved sweet girl is left emotionally distraught after being made a mockery online in a joke turned sour. Overall, the moral of the series will be to understand the consequences and affects of our online actions and how the online world will blur with the real life.

By getting the online viewers to achieve an emotional attachment to the characters by being friends with them online, their subconscious mind will be drawn into the story that unfolds due to it coming up on their relevant newsfeeds. If an audience can seek out and immerse themselves in Coronation Street of Eastenders, then what is to say the same achievement cannot be succeeded online?

  • The narrative would be run in real time so how can I make a prototype?
  • Am I taking too big a risk with audience engagement – what if no body pays attention and how will I record their involement?
  • Would I need to launch the story and a one of a kind fictional reality show in order to gain an audience (or is the audience already there)?
  • How will I record audience involvement?
  • Establishing character profiles and online presence
  • Do I have to include clues to unlock the next stage of the story or would a specific time slot on a particular day (like a TV program) be enough to maintain viewership?

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