Research: Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia Storytelling defined,

“Transmedia storytelling is a contemporary embracing of a classical paradigm in entertainment that enables the imagination via story-driven extensions into a ‘world’ in which a player seeks to be further immersed. the keys being there – enabling the imagination and allowing the players to further immerse themselves where they have that desire. Transmedia storytelling is not marketing and merchandising based extensions into an existing franchise which is being further exploited.It’s a narrative framework that invited the player in and allows them to co-create, if only through their imagination. Transmedia storytelling enables viewer/users/players to be, rather than seeming to be in an authored interactive world.”

Taken from BBC Academy Article “Transmedia Storytelling 101

  • Transmedia narrative = multiplatform storytelling
  • Knowing the audience is already out there
  • Content is important BUT context and finding is key
  • Audience participation
  • Transmedial work requires the user/viewer/player to transform the story via his or hers own natural cognitive psychological abilities and enables the meaning/lessons learned to surpass the medium itself

The Narrative Design Explorer:

“Reaching out to people and enriching their world with play and enriching their world with play, intrigue, fun and ultimately joy. Using a combination of game design, UX, traditional story development techniques, writing and visual theory, production design”


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