Thinking Out Loud: THL #2

The Hash tag Life #2

Conceptual elements I am trying to show:

  • Social media meets real world – the layers of communication which create an online environment surrounding an offline world.
    • Are they enhancing the offline real world? Glorifying what the world actually is by allowing a space to show case it.
    • Is what people share really important? Do people really need to know what you had for breakfast – you wouldn’t run up to somebody in the street and yell “my breakfast was great this morning, I just love muesli!” but you would tell strangers online.
    • Physical attributes of a real life environment are represented online
      • People can feel just as isolated even when their profile may say that have 400 ‘friends’
      • Outside looking in.
        • An Online Lurker – somebody who watched social media from a far and create all these judgements and preconceived ideas about the real people they see online. They do not really participate themselves but have this picture created for them.
        • What if you could see everyone’s different viewpoints on one topic in one space?
        • What if you could hear tweets and Facebook posts and message all at the same time in a public space – imagine how loud that would be?! (See the scene from the film Bruce Almighty where he can hear peoples prayer’s)
        • Exhbition – a mini series of installations?
          • get people to listen to what the  world would look like if they could hear everything that was being posted online about it  – would just sound like noise with no meaning.
          • Cameras from all angles, where they stand in the middle of it and can see themselves from all angles – makes them feel uncomfortable? Underpressure?
          • Perhaps a table where peoples sit at a desk on a computer and their  social media gets projected up on a wall – exploring peoples discomfort when they are aware that someone is looking closely at their social media feeds. – almost feel like you are doing something wrond? Getting caught stalking someone – looking over somines shoulder.


Creating an interactive joiner image/installation…

Observe, record, review #bournemouthbeach or #bournemouth or perhaps even promote #theHashtaglife  a week before hand to get everybody adding the hashtag to whatever they post?

Gather as much visually stimulating content as possible – nothing inappropriate and only anything that is accessed publicly (no infringments of privacy made?)


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