Market: Field of Endeavour

The field of endeavour in which my graduate project is positioned within, is similar to that of a fine art approach to modern media technologies. The piece will stand alone as a concept of appreciation for understanding audience engagement with social media and reflect a social study. The most unique aspect of this project is that it is an artistic piece created from a non artistic platform that is social media. It is a piece of artistic expression stimulating the exploration of the role of social media within society. The audience are challenged personally to access and address their own journey and engagement with social media as a whole and ask question about the future of online and offline life. This in itself reflects the creative process users of social media go through each time they upload something online because they are creating themselves, creating evidence to show an online persona. This project may suffer criticism because it does not necessarily have a point, but the point is that it will aim to achieve a reflective response from those who choose to engage with it. The project will be aimed at a generation of people who have grown up with social media and have become reliant on it, meaning that it will promote personal growth and development within a personal experience that makes the social media user/project viewer take a step back from everything just for a moment.



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