MAJOR PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT *round of applause please*

In a time as stressful as this, it’s important to emphasize the small things in life.

After working really hard in trying to develop my personal skills in terms of HTML, CSS, PHP and Java I have managed to code a mobile responsive website template complete with drop down navigation bars and everything. Okay Okay so I am aware of how simple this sounds but for me its a huge achievment and means I can get underway with coding the website portfolio to host my mini series of “The Hashtag Life”.

Last week I have been in talks with fellow course member and Leeroy, as well as a post grad student from Plymouth Uni, Chris, who have led me on the way to coding my Twitter in real life installations where tweets are read allowed after the user searches for whatever term they like.


Reiteration of the project idea:

For my graduate project, The Hashtag Life, I am creating an interactive online portfolio of digital art. The projects aim is to make the users/audience question their own usage of social media and the impact it is having in terms of real life interaction. For a small section of the portfolio I am looking for somebody to help me code a “Twitter in real life” experience. I basically want users to be able to search for a hashtag word and for the most recent tweets to be played back to them via spoken sound as if the tweets were being spoken allowed. This is to show how bizarre tweets would sound if they were actually spoken in day to day conversation.

I think I need to use the twitter API to store tweets in a MySQL database, then build a search so the users can search words. By capturing the results in an array in JavaScript or jquery and then pass the array of tweets from the search results through a text to speech API (all of which using Ajax to make it asynchronous)…. I hope this makes sense and there may be a better way to do it?

Addtionally, a webcam plugin where the the viewer is put in the experience…perhaps in a profile picture scenario…




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