What is fascinating is how when you start to investigate what people think of social media, you cannot help but notice just how much it comes up in conversation. Its almost like social media has created this massive u-turn… It used to be a space to display stuff that happens in your everyday life. But now the stuff that happens on Facebook is becoming the hot topic of everyday life… so are people putting their lives on Facebook because they have a great life, or are they putting stuff on Facebook because they don’t but they want to feel like they do?

The video above is a small snippet of the key themes which arose after questioning a group of 18-25 year olds, i.e. “digital natives”, about their favourite social media channels. This idea of being “stalked” and being a “stalker” was reiterated through out, and the contradictory notions between older people asked compared the younger people asked was very interested. On the one hand some said they didn’t want to hear about the ins and outs of another persons life, but then others said that was what was great about it. It seems that Instagram is very much the social media of the minute, with Facebook and Twitter taken a back seat


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