Online Survey Results

Initial Idea Survey: Transmedia Storytelling

This survey successfully concluded how browse-ability on social media would be an appropriate method of distributing a transmedia narrative with it being popular for people to follow someone from a TV show. The biggest issue here is that there was always a previous reason as to why people began following public figures (i.e. celebs, actors, characters from a TV show) which raised concerns regarding how I could get a lot of people to follow my randomly created characters?

Online Survey 1 : How Social is Social Media?

To conclude the results from this survey, the main buzz words people thought of when trying to describe social media were attention seeking, obsessive and vain, and entertaining connecting and sharing. Key themes which emerged regarding the hash tag culture was that people were doing it to either gain popularity, for entertainment or “because other people did” which was actually a reoccurring theme that people were merely following the crowd and felt they were under peer pressure. A majority of people believed that others would definitely make assumptions about themselves from what they were viewing which in tern meant they did alter and manipulate what they portrayed online. In general however this point was summarised that users took a certain degree of care and thought of what went into their social media persona construction – however to say they intentionally manipulated themselves would be a bit too harsh. The reasons for this being that they knew themselves that they judged others therefore they felt it was only fair that they would expect to be judged. Social media, although criticised for disconnect social behaviour in real life, was described as being a great way to reconnect with old friends and distant relatives overcoming the physical barriers in place. This is reflective of how people can go anywhere in the world without actually leaving their bedroom if they did not want to. The success of certain social media has been down to its additionally functionality. The ability to plan and organise a large group of people was the most popular answer when discussing how users would feel if they were to delete it as this was what they would miss the most and would stop them from switching off.


Online Survey 2:  Social Media Pressures?


To conclude this survey demonstrates the psychological feelings users get when they receive are communicating with an online environment. This survey aimed to show how people felt pressured to review a notification straight away and given that a majority voted their level of frustration a 7/10 when they cannot view it, I would say this can be concluded as quite a high amount. A majority of people voted their level of happiness an 8/10 when they receive a notification and this reflects issues previously discussed regarding the uses and gratifications of social media.


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