Interactivity Code Elements: Problems

Cross Browser Compatibility. 

This was my problem. It is so easy to get stuck in your own world and your own laptop and forget that not everyone uses the same things as you do.

To overcome problems faced, which was both installations failing to work in Safari we had to change our plan of action.

For the Twitter speaking page, we used a plugin called myspeak.js.  The reasons we used this plug in was because it is a universal platform using only Javascript, which meant it did not require detecting the user agent and would have cross browser compatibility.

For the webcam plugin we were initially using a Javascript only plugin, however this did not allow for the webcam function to be loaded in Safari. To overcome this we instead used a Flash plugin that once set up was much simpler to use and didn’t alter the overall look or feel of the plugin. The “allow” or “deny” pop up was not something I had anticipated and did ruin the element of surprise that I wanted to add the piece. However sometimes these things just cannot be helped. I think for the viewers pieces of mind and privacy it is very relevant and additionally a disclaimer must be somewhere to ensure they are not worried than the footage is being recorded or stored anywhere!!


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