Overcoming Problems and Concerns

My biggest concern throughout this project is that people just “wouldn’t get it”. I really wanted to avoid having to spell it out to them but this is essentially what I felt needed to happen in order for it to not be a total flop. I had wanted the user to engage with the content and feel intrigued and questionable, I feel that by giving it away it sort of lost its meaning, but then I really did not want the point to be lost. As part of my user testing it was obvious that my testing participants needing an encouraging nudge in order to realise certain parts of why the videos were relevant and why it was the way it was. The continued struggle with narrative definitely played a part in this and I wish now that I had stopped trying to force it and made more of an interactive collage type front end design, where the layers overlapped and interacted and just spoke louder volumes. I am really quite disappointed that the linear click through narrative didn’t work out, however I feel this change was for the better I just wish I’d have had more time to execute it properly!! I feel I that my biggest downfall was not moving on more quickly when something wasn’t quite working, and holding out for Ā solution for far too long. This is where doing too much research can often be a problem because you get to hug up on it and too hung up on meeting the brief. I should have gone with my artistic instinct from the beginning.


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