Early Ideas

Future Improvements/Developments

Overall I think the idea has a whole has a lot of scope. The blurring of online and offline worlds is something that can be visualised and interpreted in many different ways, and although I feel as if I did not necessarily do the best job if displaying it, I feel that had ¬†I been given the opportunity to take on this idea and develop another project, I have the research, the technical knowledge and the experience to do it much better. Instead of getting too hung up on making a “product” I needed to relax more and let the product grow organically ¬†because this piece is a one time watch entertainment piece that aims to just leave a lasting impression on the subject in hand as opposed to a game you continue to play. For future projects I would have more video, more imagery, more sounds and more interactivity. I would have them all overlapping each other and still use the idea of 3D click through as opposed to linear structure, just because I feel that conceptually this has such strong representation values. I would involve more interactivity by making it more live. For example I would have loved to have a live google map, where you could click anywhere on the map and all the Instagram images with the hash tag of that place would pop up, or all the youtube video that have been filmed in that location would or all the tweets that had been geotagged would pop up….. This is all down to my lack of coding knowledge and I now wish I had found a collaborator sooner to help me out with it sooner because it is definitely possible had we had more time and had other people not been too overwhelmed with their own work load. Although I have said throughout that there needed to be a control element that would almost spell out the point to users, if I did this again I feel that more content and more craziness and more confusion would mean it would not require explanation and the creative brilliance would evolve into something great all by itself – because lets be honest sometimes things just don’t have to make sense, especially in an abstract creative perspective.