Graduate Project Audience Research

“Distracted – how hyper stimulation is making you smarter”


In December 2013, Wired Magazine published this article  which summarise just how dependent people are becoming on technology, and how often they are checking it, browsing the internet and generally engaging with the technologies alongside everyday life. A point raised about the successes of interactive media really struck importance ….

“it triggers intermittent reinforcement, this well-known psychological mechanism by which whenever we’re presented by a system that irregularly rewards us, it’s really hard to pull ourselves away.”

I’m unsure how I could utilise this… an entertainment, educational, physical reward? hmm…


Direct Target Audience Testing

They “Liked” it. By setting up a Facebook “like” page I have tested the waters of my target audience directly and to see if they will engage with the idea. I feel this was successful and shows I am able to utilise social media marketing techniques to gain an active response from users.


 The #Life finalised idea Audience Research


AR evid file p2

1. Online Audience Survey

2. Interviews

3. Focus Group

4. Sound Recognition Test.


Navigate the links above for full details regarding the results and findings for each method of research.


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