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To Conclude…

The graduate project has been a very insightful learning experience. I have testing my theoretical mind, my technological skill, my creative flair, my patience and my confidence. The skill set I am most proud of developing is my knowledge of new softwares, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Having self taught myself from start to finish I feel I have come a very long way very quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed filming and editing and this has even opened a few doors in terms of career path ideas. I have extended my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, which will also help with career paths. Having struggled with code I am proud of what I have achieved even though the project doesn’t look quite like how I wanted it to look I have learned so much and have a new understand of Javascript, JQuery, HTML and CSS. I think what this project lack in visible successes it makes up for in long term personal and professional development.

Although I am relatively happy with the the final outcome of the project I feel there is room for massive improvements to be made. Like I have iterated throughout, I think more content is necessary and the webpage needs to be more interactive, with everything playing at one or not at all or playing here and moving there. It needs to push the ideas further, to stretch this online meets offline conceptualisation. I think the 3D gallery scroller is almost like a demo of the real thing and looks a bit unfinished. This has come from making a change last minute – so this is a very very important lesson I have learned. To either make a decision and stick to it and put it into place immediately instead of hoping everything will be okay. In my eyes my time management was good, i.e. I spent a lot of time on the project (all day everyday in the library) but because I did not set weekly targets and mini deadlines for myself I got a bit lost in the workload. I let things that took a long time take even longer because I was a little too casual about it, so this will be a lesson for the future.

In terms of my audience research process I do not think I could have been more thorough, with a minimum of 4 different methods I think I have researched it from all angles. This was the part I have actually enjoyed the most. In terms of the design side, again I should have set personal mini deadlines. By creating the content first and leaving coding the website until quite late I think it looks rushed and amateur. My overall design process of my video and clips I think has been strong. By critiquing them with other people and getting them to be honest I think these came out the most successful. As I have said before, I wish now we were starting the project because I could utilise my skills learned, whereas before it seemed I was wasting time learning them although I did need to start someone. So, although the overall look and feel of the site is not what I wanted and there are many shortfalls, I think that I have shown the strength and dedication to continue on and rise above them to complete a project of substantial scope and depth.

Part of me wishes that I had continued with the second idea of a very graphicsy type interactive joiner image because I think a joiner image is so powerful it just stands alone and proud in its own right. My concerns with this was using people images off the internet, for example although the images I have used from Instagram have all been for public viewing therefore their should be no real issue. Also due to the nature of the video it moves too quick for the photographers identity to be reviewed anyways. This is the idea I would pursue in future whereby the images would be pulled live and joiner together more systematically and incorporated more code so not only being a narrative but more interactive as well whilst letting the data speak for itself.

I feel I have learned a lot about the ideas development process and proved that I carry out a product form start to finish no matter what it is. I think I have showed willingness to be innovative and unique by choosing a subject and treatment that is a bit unusual and not got a set structure you can follow. This shows determination and commitment to the task in hand. I feel I have learned so much in terms of organisation, planning, graphics, video, video editing, sound editing, storyboarding, working with others, coding and designing. So although I am not necessarily happy with the final product, I am happy with what it has taught me for the future.

Linear to Multi Narrative Design

Linear Narrative



Multiple Overlapping narrative Design.




So imagine the user is greeted by a strange selection of images. They begin clicking on them and pop ups start happing. People don’t like pop ups… they make them feel uneasy and annoyed. This is how an emotive response will be gained.




So as the view beginning to click and interact, opening and closing the pop ups, they begin to recognise things a little more and begin to make the tie between everything and find the connecting similarity.



They may decide to close and open them one by one, or open them all at the same time, or leave some playing. The build up of noise and page traffic and general mash up of images that all represent something unique to do with social media not only tell a story in their own right but tell the story as a whole with the bizarre and unnatural layout on the page.





Initial 3D layering narrative design ideas. The element of confusion is a good thing – its representative of the complicated lives led online and off. The noise and sounds, and recognisable things will make the user either want to interact to make it stop or interact to make it carry on and to see more. By using the interactive function as well, with the webcam plugin and the speech plugin I think the overall concept will get across and will “be the story”.

Production Analysis: Idea

The #Life is an Interactive Visual Design project, displaying the conseptualisation of social media in real life. Drawing upon common themes and opinions surrounding social media, it invites you to open your eyes wide and take a step back from something you are already seeing everywhere you look and to confront the idea that physical reality and a life lived online are beginning to blur. With a majority of the real world now logging in online, whether you are actively a part of it or not… you have heard of it, you are talking about it and it is undeniable that you can get away from it

The development of the idea has grown from the initial idea of the transmedia story initially pitched. This development of the project has grown from time, and commitment constraints faced by producing enough content and enough user engagement for the original story and more importantly the struggle to record the process for hand in due to it being live. I found it difficult to create a story strong enough to get across the issues and points I was trying to raise, and so by doing it this way instead the points become the piece themselves. Using already available online stories to create one overall “story” overcomes issues previously stated and allows the audience to essentially  ”be the story” because of the reflective response it aims to acheive. Although less interactive, I still feel this way will stand as a conceptual artefact within its own right and encourage the viewer/user to really reflect on their own personal use of social media and their own engagement with it and how they allow for themselves to be viewed as well as how they view others, as well as questioning the future of communication.


Life behind the social media posts.



This quotation of the meaning of the word “sonder” summed up quite nicely what this project aims to represent. The life behind what we initially see. Taking Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, Tweets, and looking at how they combine to create an overview of the lives we lead raises the question of how the media is allowing for us to glamourise our own lives… what we see online is far from what we see in real life. This portfolio collection will show the contrast.


Pinning the concept down

1. What is the idea?

The Hash tag Life – Social Media meets Real World

A combination of interactive media artefacts, representing a conceptual study of social media usage, offering an insightful perspective on how it is impacting society

1. Glamourisation of lifestyle. The need to share everything, and the need to make like look better than it is.

2. Privacy – be careful what you share. Emotional attachment to social media profile, how audiences feel when they know someone is viewing their profile, selective viewing of our profiles – you wouldn’t say it in person so why say it online.

3. Online virtual reality in reality. What if we could see the conversations in real time in real life that people were having via technological devices?

2. Keywords

Social media audiences, story, reality, virtual reality, privacy, realism, visualisation, SM culture, art, digital art, technologies

3. What is innovative about my idea?

People do not tend to address the issues I wish to raise, and so with a fine art take on modern digital media, my project will exhibit the observations of social media audiences that will highlight just how connect we are becoming and the potential issues raised due to this.

4. Description of Audience

Heavy social media users, i.e. those with multiple social network accounts, regular up loaders, those interested in Internet usage and future technologies.

Bournemouth University Students at Talbot Campus – the visualisation will tell their story more specifically, however the overall concept will be applicable to general social media users.

5. Description of the cultural and industrial context and purpose of this project

Combining theory, knowledge and understanding of a given concept and audience, this project demonstrates my ability to observe a target audience, offer creative analysis, as well as interesting insight via stimulating content that will express imagination, innovation and exploration of a given media artefact that is social media culture.

There is continued debate about society’s increasing dependence on the internet as a whole and more specifically portable internet devices and social media networks. This project will demonstrate how the behaviour people have online is actually quite bizarre when contrasted within the real world space. This will highlight why having conversation with people in person and communicating via face to face communication systems still hold a high level of importance. It will accentuate that although we are all buried within our phones, tablets or laptops, participating in an online world and perhaps bypassing the real world – the real world is what we should appreciate and participate within. It will be eye opening in terms of audiences reflecting on their own usage and own time wasted/spent online. The idea of the “outside looking in” is relevant when imagine what I wish to portray and bringing about a physically visualisation of what actually goes on online and the emotional attachment that comes with this.

6. The technologies I will use are…

Portfolio Website – HTML5, PHP, CSS, JQUERY

Website content – Image, video, sound, developed using Photoshop, After Effects, information gathered via the Internet.

Exhibition – Projection of website content on larger scale, Installation, print materials

Online meets Offline: What if we could hear tweets/posts?

There is an ongoing debate that social media is becoming more and more anti-social. With people glued to their smartphones and being contactable 24/7. People are so caught up in having a relationship with with their social media outlets, they are letting the real world bypass them.

These clips taken from Bruce Almighty (2003), directed by Tom Shadyc, distributed by Universal Pictures demonstrate feature Bruce, played by Jim Carey, struggling to cope with the amount of prayers he can hear. In the film, Bruce has been given the powers of being God, by the man himself, played by Morgan Freeman, which is why he can now hear peoples prayers within a 50 mile radius. Prayers are usually thoughts or private mutterings and meant for only god himself. This got me thinking, what if we could hear tweets, or posts or messages or emails. This is reflective of my tutor’s analogy of Twitter – that its just a bunch of people acting like seagulls standing on a rock and shouting and that the words don’t mean anything and they just end up getting blurred together for mass viewing but are not for communicative purposes.

(Clip taken from Finding Nemo (2003), directed by Andy Stanton, produced by Walt Disney Pictures)

…back to Bruce Almighty.

This clip demonstrates how social uncomfortable hearing the prayers is making Bruce. He cannot cope with the situation he is in and needs to take a break…this could be something we have all experienced where we have become to indulgent in our social media behaviour, particularly amongst procrastinating students who will often say “I am so bored of distracting myself on Facebook”.

This clip was perfect for demonstrating just how ridiculous the world would be if tweets or posts or whatever anyone shares online was actually a physical object in a physical space in an offline world. The sheer quantity is ridiculous. What I like about this however, is how it makes you question the importance of what people post… would people post online as much as they do if what they were posting was an actual object? For example, Bournemouth University, if they actually had a physical wall to represent a Facebook wall – how many people would actually write something on it for the rest of the study body to see? Again, this highlights how silly sharing online would actually seem to be if it were in the real world. For example, you would not walk down the street in the morning and shout to the nearest stranger “I HAD PORRIDGE THIS MORNING FOR BREAKFAST AND IT WAS FANTASTIC #readyfortheday “.

Going back to the idea of a joiner image building a physical picture of an environment whereby it was represented as how it was talked about online, instead of just the physical object that it is, is an exciting idea to be moving forward with.