Future Improvements/Developments

Overall I think the idea has a whole has a lot of scope. The blurring of online and offline worlds is something that can be visualised and interpreted in many different ways, and although I feel as if I did not necessarily do the best job if displaying it, I feel that had  I been given the opportunity to take on this idea and develop another project, I have the research, the technical knowledge and the experience to do it much better. Instead of getting too hung up on making a “product” I needed to relax more and let the product grow organically  because this piece is a one time watch entertainment piece that aims to just leave a lasting impression on the subject in hand as opposed to a game you continue to play. For future projects I would have more video, more imagery, more sounds and more interactivity. I would have them all overlapping each other and still use the idea of 3D click through as opposed to linear structure, just because I feel that conceptually this has such strong representation values. I would involve more interactivity by making it more live. For example I would have loved to have a live google map, where you could click anywhere on the map and all the Instagram images with the hash tag of that place would pop up, or all the youtube video that have been filmed in that location would or all the tweets that had been geotagged would pop up….. This is all down to my lack of coding knowledge and I now wish I had found a collaborator sooner to help me out with it sooner because it is definitely possible had we had more time and had other people not been too overwhelmed with their own work load. Although I have said throughout that there needed to be a control element that would almost spell out the point to users, if I did this again I feel that more content and more craziness and more confusion would mean it would not require explanation and the creative brilliance would evolve into something great all by itself – because lets be honest sometimes things just don’t have to make sense, especially in an abstract creative perspective.

Learning New Softwares: After Effects and Premiere Pro


By using YouTube tutorials and forums I self taught myself Adobe After Effects. Some of the skills I have developed are layering video and still image, layer masks, inserting shapes and animates, text, enhancing video footage, key framing etc etc the list is pretty endless. I would edit together short sections of footage, export them from AE and import them into Adobe Premiere Pro in order to piece together longer reels of video. This process was very very time consuming!! A process which I had allocated a lot of time for however it seemed to take forever! I quickly learnt the importance of setting up a project correctly and ensuring the auto save functionality is well and truly switched on after losing many hours of work right at the beginning. So mix a loss of work, a longer process than first assumed and a gazillion other things to worry about… this was beginning to take its toll and the stress level was rising.



Although after effects has an audio functionality, I found the audio much easier to work with once the clip was in Premiere Pro. I think this would be an area I would wish to improve on because the software is so clever but because I was teaching myself I never quite managed to learn everything. I tried to complete each video to professional and polished final quality because these videos were the heart and sole of the project – they needed to be good. By incorporating what I have researched about sound recognition and emotive responses caused by certain sounds, they also needed to be included carefully and purposefully.

Thinking Out Loud: THL #2

The Hash tag Life #2

Conceptual elements I am trying to show:

  • Social media meets real world – the layers of communication which create an online environment surrounding an offline world.
    • Are they enhancing the offline real world? Glorifying what the world actually is by allowing a space to show case it.
    • Is what people share really important? Do people really need to know what you had for breakfast – you wouldn’t run up to somebody in the street and yell “my breakfast was great this morning, I just love muesli!” but you would tell strangers online.
    • Physical attributes of a real life environment are represented online
      • People can feel just as isolated even when their profile may say that have 400 ‘friends’
      • Outside looking in.
        • An Online Lurker – somebody who watched social media from a far and create all these judgements and preconceived ideas about the real people they see online. They do not really participate themselves but have this picture created for them.
        • What if you could see everyone’s different viewpoints on one topic in one space?
        • What if you could hear tweets and Facebook posts and message all at the same time in a public space – imagine how loud that would be?! (See the scene from the film Bruce Almighty where he can hear peoples prayer’s)
        • Exhbition – a mini series of installations?
          • get people to listen to what the  world would look like if they could hear everything that was being posted online about it  – would just sound like noise with no meaning.
          • Cameras from all angles, where they stand in the middle of it and can see themselves from all angles – makes them feel uncomfortable? Underpressure?
          • Perhaps a table where peoples sit at a desk on a computer and their  social media gets projected up on a wall – exploring peoples discomfort when they are aware that someone is looking closely at their social media feeds. – almost feel like you are doing something wrond? Getting caught stalking someone – looking over somines shoulder.


Creating an interactive joiner image/installation…

Observe, record, review #bournemouthbeach or #bournemouth or perhaps even promote #theHashtaglife  a week before hand to get everybody adding the hashtag to whatever they post?

Gather as much visually stimulating content as possible – nothing inappropriate and only anything that is accessed publicly (no infringments of privacy made?)

Social Media and Life Glamourisation



There has been a constant debate about how super models are photoshopped for magazines and photographs, giving an unrealistic and idealistic image of what people should look like. Essentially this is basically what social media has allowed everyone, not just super models or industry professionals, to do – to glamourise their own lives by posted about it online and using image filter options. The images above have been taken from different media resources, some socila media and some from traditionalistic news broadcasters and demonstrates the contrast between what is actually real life and what is depicted in online life. Obviously the images are just a demonstration, and were taken at different times etc so would appear different. But if a larger scale collection of media at one given time were to be collected, this could give a really interesting outlook in how social media is glamourising lifestyles.

Additionally, by recording this level of online activity around one given physical space, it will demonstrate how “conversation” online is happening all the time and a given space is no longer what it seems or used to be seen as. This links back to the idea of story and trans media story – the story is already being generated organically through social media and it is my task to collect it and demonstrate how is it effecting everyday life.

The demonstration clip has been creating using the video creating functionality on photoshop. This was simple and easy to use however I fear that with large quantities of images and information it will be very slow and glitchy to work with. I think using a more video based software such as Adobe After Effect or Final Cut Pro would be better.