Life through the eyes of your Mobile Internet device…


Are we truly enjoying the moment if our main concern is getting a picture for our Instagram, checking in on Facebook or Tweeting about how much we are having a great time?   


This image is great at reflecting how social media and real life are overlapping… We are watching events that meant to be felt as well as listening to and seen, however if were too engrossed in our internet devices then are we actually living real life to its full potential? Are Camera Phones Making Memories Or Ruining Gigs? The article Should mobile phones be banned from gigs? sums up how they are effecting human interaction for the negative and whether it would be better to put a stop to it. When looking at these images – I don’t know about you but I just want to scream “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND JUST ENJOY IT!”. Plus theres nothing worse when someone in front of you has their phone out and blocks your view!!