Production Analysis: Technical


The technical aspect of my project requires me to create a totally immersive experience for the user. I still want to tie in my very very initial idea that I pitched back in November and this means utilising social media channels to distribute my project…..

This is why I am creating a series of videos, all linked together in a network, the network has different path options determined by the user. All of the video will be hosted on the YouTube channel I have specifically set up for this piece of work. The individual videos will have links at the end of each one for the user to decide what path to take through the experience and what video they will watch next by clicking on the link.

The video will also be uploaded to The Hashtag Life portfolio website. where there will be some background information and some fun codey stuff  (yes I am attempting tricky codey stuff! I’ve even learnt what API means and everything, plus I am registered as a Twitter developer so thats got to mean something! 🙂 …) . This will involve imaging tweets out loud for the users to engage to see just how bizarre twitter in real life would actually be.

This in turn not only will this improve my HTML, CSS, PHP and Java knowledge and understanding immensely, but will also allow me to focus on my main interest for the future which is to work with video design and photography. This project will allow me to polish my expertise in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator, all of which are going to be useful for career choices after uni.

Content Development: BE the Story*

Content generation that is engaging is a problem!!

Creating something that is enough to hold somebodies attention as well as incorporating interactivity and anonymity is very difficult!!

How about if people generated their own story?! Like the Arcade Fire Music Video  where the viewer is meant to visualise themselves within the story, and likewise with Take this Lollipop , it was people putting themselves in the story that had the effect and kept them engaged.

This blog by script writer and blogger, Declan Dineen, reflects my interest in potentially position real people’s story in some kind of unified story dependant on place, time…



Additionally, I think augmented reality blurring with actually reality, by a story taking place within a known environment would hold audience attention. For example, if Bournemouth Uni was the setting, then BU students would be interested surely?

Ideas coming to mind:

– Crazes that go viral – how can I make a story go viral?

– How can I get people involved to share the story?

– Passing on a message/good deed/ section of the story? Almost like chinese whispers?



Production Analysis: Target Market*





  • What is the purpose of what you are trying to “sell”?
  • Does it satisfy a basic need or is it a luxury?
  • What makes it unique?
  • What other products are similar and what advantage does yours have?


The aim of my project is to entertain audience members and engage with active social media users.  Research has shown that social media news feeds are browsed regularly throughout the day due to boredom and dissatisfaction of the user. In order to combat that boredom, my project will aim to give the viewer something to browse for and enjoy following. Similar to a soap or drama series that people sit and watch on the television, my project will act as the first social media “soap” distributed through social media content in the forms of short videos, pictures, status’. The viewer must follow or add the characters in order to gain full experience from online series. My project is unique in that it has not been achieved before – forums online have always established themselves after a TV show has been aired on television, but what I intend to do is to distribute the story through the social media profiles of the characters themselves.


From watching my own news feeds whilst enjoying popular TV programmes, I was able to recognise peoples increased online activity when indeed the popular TV show was on because people wanted to discuss and make comments about it. By following a hastag to do with the TV show, users of social media were able to discuss and express their feelings about what they were watching.

By creating a fictional story online and getting users to follow each character to understand the next part of the story, a networked web of narrative with hopefully be created.


The disadvantages and problems to consider:

  • Not being able to establish a following of users/viewers
  • Not being able to keep up with enough content for the viewer to engage with
  • Backlash from public audience
  • Unable to regulate what characters are real and constructed and people just trying to get involved