Initial Idea Research

Accessing how active social media users engage with characters/people from television programs online via social networking sites:

primay research


Evidence would suggest that Twitter is going to be my main source of viewership, as research shows over 50% of people follow the character and people from their favourite programs on there. Surprisingly Facebook users do not tend to follow their favourite TV show characters, however I do still feel that this will be an important media outlet to ingage with. Instagram scored more highly than Facebook, however I feel that Instagram’s overall viewership is much smaller than Facebook or Twitter.


primary research2


In order to gain an active response from the required target audience, it is important to grab their attention. Here we can see that posts of photographs receive the most attention, closely followed by short video clips and written status’. This means that the main majority of my story will be distributed via these methods.


primary research 1


Here I can see that my target audience mainly engage with TV shows by watching them online at their own leisure. This is promising in that by trying to run a “show” purely across social media networks online I will be able to utilise this already online audience. I can also see that in order to gain viewership I must try to build up an emotional connection between viewer and character. I must meet the demand of the user whereby they care about the character and what is happening to them.