Production Analysis: Methodologies

The dreaded Pitch Presentation…. 15 minutes of solid pressure to sell The Hashtag Life to my production tutors.

Here are the demonstrations videos that I used to portray the way in which THL is carried out and how the audience is required to have specific purposeful engagement.

I apologise the quality isn’t great and my voice over is massively whiney… The video is also a little slow in places.

What I learned from my presentation pitch was to include target audience responses in perhaps the form of a videoed interview recording peoples thoughts and ideas and how they think it will work in the real world. The target audience for THL is 20 something year olds and I know my tutors who I pitched too were definitely not 20 somethings (no offence meant).


Methodology and Technology

Technologies which can be utilised to create a fictional environment online:

  • Google Analytics to assess where the main viewership is coming from – to better utilise audience participation and interest.
  • Webcam?
  • Facebook and Twitter Accounts
  • Creation of the main “Hub” to include a live twitter feed of story direction – blog style of one of the fictional characters
  • Photo and video editing to generate content to move the story along and engage with audience viewers
  • Design and Set up a “hub” website using knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Plot key events to include in the script
  • Develop a The Hashtag Life THL  logo and visual branding
  • Prototype mind map – show core functionality.
  • Create Production schedule – launch dates?
  •  Final delivery method
  • Research/Audience
  • Facility requirements – how can I record this process if it live?