Social Media and Life Glamourisation



There has been a constant debate about how super models are photoshopped for magazines and photographs, giving an unrealistic and idealistic image of what people should look like. Essentially this is basically what social media has allowed everyone, not just super models or industry professionals, to do – to glamourise their own lives by posted about it online and using image filter options. The images above have been taken from different media resources, some socila media and some from traditionalistic news broadcasters and demonstrates the contrast between what is actually real life and what is depicted in online life. Obviously the images are just a demonstration, and were taken at different times etc so would appear different. But if a larger scale collection of media at one given time were to be collected, this could give a really interesting outlook in how social media is glamourising lifestyles.

Additionally, by recording this level of online activity around one given physical space, it will demonstrate how “conversation” online is happening all the time and a given space is no longer what it seems or used to be seen as. This links back to the idea of story and trans media story – the story is already being generated organically through social media and it is my task to collect it and demonstrate how is it effecting everyday life.

The demonstration clip has been creating using the video creating functionality on photoshop. This was simple and easy to use however I fear that with large quantities of images and information it will be very slow and glitchy to work with. I think using a more video based software such as Adobe After Effect or Final Cut Pro would be better.


Wow… People ‘Like’ it!! 103 people to be precise


The Hashtag Life Facebook page is to help tie the story together and prevoke the audience to engage with the content… It will act as a market tool in order to update the followers that the next part of the story is coming up and will act as a unifying media body to ensure that people don’t get lost along the way. The current page is very bleak with just a short description of what is to come, but within 3 days the page had received 103 likes and shows that there is an interest in this and it could really be possible! So either people like the sound of the idea or it really does go to show that “I’ll get by with a little help from friends”(The Beatles 1967)